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MAYR´S FEDRA NOW AVAILABLE ON CD: “The Fedra by Capucine Chiaudani sounds in all the Primadonna registers without effort; she shines with a strong timbre, which easily reaches all registers.”

ICKamsterdam and Opera Zuid present their co-production De Soprano’s. With choreographers Emio Greco and Pieter C. Scholten they bring new life to Giuseppe Verdi’s prima donnas. Sopranos from Opera Zuid and dancers from ICKamsterdam share the stage in this dance opera.photo3DeSopranos

medee with kids

Medee of Cherubini

  • “It´s a frightening opera full of anger, revenge and repulsive cruelty with the raw and naturalistic expression of yelling, ranting, shrieking and screaming. The soprano Capucine Chiaudani in the title role made a deep impression in a notching way, touching the souls oft he spectators and leaving them behind in bewilderment and dismay “.(NRC)