Capucine’s Free Masterclass

Capucine Chiaudani Presents

Capucine's Free Masterclass

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Free Masterclass

In this COVID emergency I wish to support singers with a Free Masterclass.

  • During this Masterclass I will guide 6 lucky Active Participants on an Italian Opera Aria or an Italian Art Song, for free. (
Active Participation reserved to Intermediate/Advanced Level Singers.) Find out how to be chosen.
  • Passive participation open to any level. Register for Free.

Time Zones

Rome, Italy (GMT+1) ➡️  7:00 PM 🇮🇹
London, UK (GMT) ➡️  6:00 PM 🇬🇧
New York, USA (GMT-5) ➡️  1:00 PM 🇺🇸
Los Angeles, USA (GMT-8) ➡️  10:00 AM 🇺🇸

Participate to the Contest

I’ll personally extract 6 of you (+2 alternates) who will Actively Participate to the Masterclass. 

Contest Rules:


The Contest Winners will be announced in my Facebook Group. JOIN THE GROUP

Yes! Winning Contest Participants will Participate Actively, the others will Participate Passively.

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Passive Participation

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