Capucine Chiaudani Presents

Free Masterclass

2000 Belcanto4u members celebrations

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Free Masterclass

It is party time! I wish to invite you to my free Belcanto Masterclass to celebrate the achievement of 2000 Members in my private musical Community Belcanto4u!

In this free Masterclass I will guide you through your beloved Italian opera arias or art songs based on the Italian Belcanto tradition. 

Active Spots will be limited and selected through a Lottery! Find out how to be chosen.

Unlimited Active Spots. Register.


Rome, Italy (GMT+1) ➡️  7:00 PM 🇮🇹
London, UK (GMT) ➡️  6:00 PM 🇬🇧
New York, USA (GMT-5) ➡️  1:00 PM 🇺🇸
Los Angeles, USA (GMT-8) ➡️  10:00 AM 🇺🇸

Participate to the Contest

I will personally draw 4 (+2 alternates) who will actively participate in the Masterclass. Active participation is recommended for medium / advanced level singers.

How to participate in the contest:


The Contest Winners will be announced in my Facebook Group. Join the group.

Yes! Winning Contest Participants will Participate Actively, the others will Participate Passively.



Active Participation

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Passive Participation

Register as a passive participant and receive your invitation directly to your email.