Nuovo Funnel 2023 POSTURE parte 2


part 2 of 2

Posture is an essential element of healthy and reliable singing, unfortunately often underestimated and neglected. Never forget that you are a resonating body and that a right or wrong alignment will have a tremendous impact on your singing! Let’s look deeper in this!

There is another surprise for you!

I created a special course: “Fundamentals for Conscious Athletes of the Voice

These course will provide you with the basics to achieve healthy, affordable and reliable singing.

Just like in any sport, there are also the winning maneuvers for efficient and conscious singing. Knowing why, when and what to do will make your singing a joyful and fulfilling experience and get you where you want to be – the best version of yourself.

Because everyone can sing!

Only for a few days and for you who receive these free lessons an additional €10 discount using the coupon at the time of purchase!


Maybe you don't want to buy the entire Fundamentals course?

Choose only the single chapter/s based on the topic of your interest! 🤓