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Anna Pirozzi

International Opera Singer

Grande conoscitrice della voce cantata, usa un linguaggio molto comprensibile e con esempi pratici. Ottima insegnante sia per chi inizia questo percorso che per chi è già professionista. La consiglio vivamente.

Angelo Villari

International Opera Singer

Sono Angelo Villari. Sono un tenore in carriera. Ho conosciuto Capucine ultimamente online. Ci siamo scambiati delle idee, dei pareri. È una persona molto qualificata. Oltrettutto possiede una tecnica eccezionale. Conosce benissimo il suo strumento. Conosce benissimo lo strumento della voce. Ho avuto modo di confrontarmi con lei: mi ha dato suggerimenti molto molto interessanti, di cui ho fatto veramente tesoro e volevo consigliarvela, perche’ e’ una persona veramente in gamba. Una grandissima cantante. Una donna in gamba. Una grandissima e bravissima Docente.

Tim Ribchester

Conductor - Pianist

From a technical and interpretive standpoint Capucine’s teaching is of the very highest international level, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to either build a professional technical foundation or to polish their craftsmanship, in the Italian repertoire especially.

Denette Whitter

Coach / Opernakademie Schloss Henfenfeld

Well-founded knowledge! Wonderful teacher!

Vincent de Kort


It was a great pleasure to work with her because she is such a sensible and mature artist as well as a great colleague. She is a dedicated artist with touching sensitivity. She has a wide experience on the opera stage, having performed important title roles of the Italian romantic repertory.

Anca Arnau

We’ve just had another amazing and inspirational webinar. As I mentioned before, there are teachers and there are mentors, real tutors who are truly dedicated to their students; and of course, Maestra Capucine is one of them! Thank you for the wonderful tip of how one can engage into the vowels, consonants and sounds, Thank You for the awakening of how important the DICTION is for a classical singer and Thank You for explaining everything so it does make sense for anyone. Therefore, there is no excuse for us not to apply it correctly! Thank you for the wonderful demonstrations and also for the talented students participating!! Seriously people, I am encouraging you to participate in as many webinars as possible that Maestra Capucine Chiaudani is having, and I can guarantee you won’t regret it, because if you are looking for perfection in your singing, that’s your best choice you can ever make!! Blessings Maestra and lots of love!! 🤗❤️🙏🏻🎶☀️🌸

Rosaria Sciacca

Ho iniziato a seguire Capucine Chiaudani su Facebook da dicembre 2020. Fin da subito qualcosa mi suggeriva che non fosse il ‘solito’ insegnante di canto su cui spesso capita di imbattersi in rete e ieri, dopo avere finalmente fatto la prima lezione con lei, ho capito che non sbagliavo. Soprano Capucine è un insegnante competente come se ne incontrano pochi. È davvero in grado di identificare in pochi minuti quali siano i ‘problemi’ da risolvere ed è altrettanto in grado di fornire con la medesima rapidità gli strumenti per risolverli. Non sto parlando di ‘miracoli’, ma di una vera chiave di lettura del proprio strumento vocale. Con lei ho scoperto umanità, comprensione, dettagli per sperare che non ci sono problemi ma SOLUZIONI… Ora sono pronta a lavorarci e grazie a lei ho adesso gli strumenti per poterlo fare nel modo più’ corretto. Sono davvero colpita, ma soprattutto soddisfatta di aver appreso che con facili suggerimenti si possa apprendere velocemente. Mi sono dilungata, ma credo valga la pena farlo per descrivere il valore delle competenze di qualcuno, qualora si abbia la fortuna di entrarci in contatto.

Opera Studio Nederland


Capucine Chiaudani possesses a clarity and talent for communicating her great knowledge of the style and repertoire, as well as technical vocal instruction. I am most pleased to recommend Capucine for any work involving the voice or style.

Lyric Opera Studio of Weimar


Mrs. Chiaudani proved to be an excellent teacher both with technique and with musical style. The additional aspect of her having Italian as her native language proved to be an invaluable adjunct to her abilities to teach.

Egle Nausedaite


 It was a revelation to work with Capucine, whom I finally met three-dimensional during these past days in Italy. Such an exact, simple and clear explanations on the diaphragm action, natural body maneuvers on how to find it; making the strong muscles in the body to work instead of the weak ones and maneuvers to find the sensations; plus, the perfect for voice placement Italian diction.
I had a lot of revelations for the past three months and especially the past three days in person. I can feel that my a little stiffened voice is releasing. Joy, freedom.
Thank you, Capucine Chiaudani, and see you again soon:) 

Nadia Zanotello


Today I did the Mimí role webinar! That was simple amazing! So many important points that we worked on and made my ideias of interpretation much more clear! Thank you very much Capucine for the wonderful time and experience! I‘m looking forward for the next one!!! 

Hello, I’m a Japanese living in Amsterdam. About 2 years have passed since I became one of Maestra Capucine’s students, and I’m very much satisfied with her lessons! Due to COVID-19, I currently take only online lessons. But after these 2 years my voice has changed a lot. I used to push my voice to sing, but now that bad habit is completely gone and I can sing without restraint. For example, the breath support in my body, how to open my throat, how to manage my mouth, and Italian — of course I mostly sing Italian arias, and how to deal with Italian dictions — Capucine teaches all these things generously. She speaks English, Italian, French, and Spanish. So if you speak one of these languages, I definitely recommend you to take her lessons. I guarantee you will improve for sure. Good luck!

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