Vocal Freedom: Mental Toughness for Athletes of the Voice

Capucine Chiaudani & Aaron Weintraub Present

How to achieve your Vocal Freedom

Step 5: Mental Toughness for Athletes of the Voice

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Mental strength is usually underestimated in operatic training. We will work with Mental Skills Coach Aaron Weintraub on strategies to become resilient athletes for the voice. We will face the taboos of stage fright and performance anxiety in this competitive professions and provide you with strategies to practice mental skills such as focus, enjoyment, and balance. Plus, you will learn tools for your mental toughness toolbox including power phrases, imagery, and routines.

Masterclass Structure

Part 1 | Opening
Part 2 | Demonstration – 1
Part 3 
| Finding Your Peak Performance with Mental Skills Training – An Interactive Presentation
Part 4 | Q&A – 1
Part 5 Specific Toolbox Strategies
Part 6 Demonstration – 2 (Putting all this to immediate use)
Part 7 Q&A – 2
Part 8 | Concluding Thoughts 

Time Zones

Rome, Italy (GMT+1) ➡️  7:00 PM 🇮🇹
London, UK (GMT) ➡️  6:00 PM 🇬🇧
New York, USA (GMT-5) ➡️  1:00 PM 🇺🇸
Los Angeles, USA (GMT-8) ➡️  10:00 AM 🇺🇸

What they say about me

From a technical and interpretive standpoint Capucine’s teaching is of the very highest international level, and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to either build a professional technical foundation or to polish their craftsmanship, in the Italian repertoire especially.
Tim Ribchester
Conductor - Pianist
It was a great pleasure to work with her because she is such a sensible and mature artist as well as a great colleague. She is a dedicated artist with touching sensitivity. She has a wide experience on the opera stage, having performed important title roles of the Italian romantic repertory.
Vincent de Kort
Mrs. Chiaudani proved to be an excellent teacher both with technique and with musical style. The additional aspect of her having Italian as her native language proved to be an invaluable adjunct to her abilities to teach.
Lyric Opera Studio of Weimar
Capucine Chiaudani possesses a clarity and talent for communicating her great knowledge of the style and repertoire, as well as technical vocal instruction. I am most pleased to recommend Capucine for any work involving the voice or style.
Opera Studio Nederland
Well-founded knowledge! Wonderful teacher!
Denette Whitter
Coach - Opernakademie Schloss Henfenfeld

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